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Do you need the most comprehensive, accurate information on your subject’s personal history?

Consider Our Background Investigation Service

Matrix can uncover pertinent background information on a designated subject or business. This information will assist you in making an informed decision minimizing risk to you and your company.

Pre-employment screening can be a priceless asset to virtually every company. Not only do they help prevent the hiring of employees with a past criminal record, but they include additional significant benefits as well. Background screening done properly will help weed out the applicants who embellish their employment or educational history, ensuring you’ll hire the most qualified individual for your company.

We offer multiple levels of background investigations, and can tailor a request to work with your specific needs.

In today’s competitive economic environment, firms cannot afford to be sidetracked by employee problems such as workplace violence, theft, false resumes, embezzlement, harassment or false injury claims. Employers have increasingly turned to pre-employment screening as a critical risk-management tool to try to avoid hiring problem employees in the first place.

Background Investigations can uncover a history of

Workplace Violence

False Resumes




False Injury Claims