Modified Duty Off-Site Programs: An Overview of Matrix Return-To-Work Plus

July 30, 2014  |  Case Management, Education

The Matrix Return-to-Work Plus program provides options to employers who are unable to accommodate their injured workers’ temporary work restrictions.  Statistics show that the longer an employee is away from work, the more chances of returning to productive employment diminish.  Matrix will work in conjunction with the employer, injured worker and a local non-profit agency to facilitate a speedy and safe gradual  release so they can return to their original position.

 How the program works

1. Matrix will find a position at a non-profit agency that is within the injured workers’ job restrictions.

2. Matrix will customize the paperwork and offer letter for your company to comply with your companies policy and procedures.

3. The Case Manager will attend the initial placement meeting at the non-profit to review the work site and job functions with all parties.

4. The Case Manager will perform ongoing weekly telephonic follow-up with the injured worker and non-profit supervisor to discuss any concerns with restrictions and performance.

5. The Case Manager can attend any follow up appointments with the physician of record for full duty release or update on work restrictions.

Advantages of the Program

·         Employers can reduce their workers’ compensation costs by returning their injured workers back to work as soon as they are released to modified or light duty.  In turn, this will terminate temporary total disability benefits.

·         Keeping an employee at some type of work is therapeutic and promotes healing and recovery.  It also improves employee morale and may prevent them from obtaining an attorney.

·         The employer receives tax advantages for having employee placed with a non-profit organization.