Workers’ Comp Abuse – Caught on Tape!

July 30, 2014  |  Education, Investigations

Do you have an employee that is currently off due to a work related injury?  Do you suspect that the injured worker may be abusing the system?  Surveillance continues to be an effective way to combat a questionable claim.  A common misconception is that you must get evidence of the injured worker building a deck or putting a new roof on a house.  While that obviously makes for great evidence, it is not the only type of evidence that can help you dispute a questionable claim.

Obtaining surveillance video of the subject engaging in activities outside of their restrictions can be a great way to dispute a questionable claim.  For example, Matrix Investigators recently worked a case where the subject was off work for over a year with a foot injury.  There were several red flags associated with the claim which included: no witnesses to the accident, doctor shopping, prolonged treatment, etc.  Matrix investigators obtained video of the subject engaging in “normal activities” such as doing yard work and attending a Reds game.  The video showed the injured worker walking and standing for prolonged periods of time, which was a direct conflict to his restrictions.

Providing this simple amount of evidence to the injured workers physician, got the physician to declare the injured worker MMI and released the injured worker back to work, cutting off his benefits from the BWC.

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