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Assessment & Evaluation

ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION SERVICES are services provided to assist you in identifying your strengths, academic/skill levels, interests, aptitudes and potential barriers related to areas of career interest. Often this is the first step taken in the vocational rehabilitation process.

How Can Matrix Help?

Matrix uses experienced, credentialed professionals to administer tests or arrange hands on assessments designed to provide opportunities to explore, assess and evaluate potential career paths that would be the ideal fit for you based on your strengths.

Features of Assessment and Evaluation

  • Vocational Testing and Evaluation
  • Community Based Assessment
  • Career Exploration

Benefits of Assessment and Evaluation

  • Clarification of career path options
  • Identification of steps needed to reach employment goal
  • Increased knowledge of requirements of vocational choice

To learn more about how to apply for these service or assistance with understanding any website materials please contact Gina LoPresti, Director Workforce Services at (216) 973-9046.