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SUPPORT SERVICES are services provided to assist you in retaining employment once secured or to remove barriers that are impeding success with job search. This can include the need for travel training assistance, identification of assistive technology, explanation of needed accommodations to employers, job coaching or follow along support once employment is secured.

How Can Matrix Help?
Matrix uses experiences credentialed professionals to provide the support needed to identify barriers and provide the support needed to concur challenges you may be faced with that have prevented you from being successful on the job.

Features of Assessment and Evaluation

  • Barrier Identification and Resolution
  • On or Off-Site Supportive Guidance
  • Employer Interaction, Advocacy and Education

Benefits of Support Services

  • Clarification of accommodation or assistive technology
  • Employer education and assistance
  • Support and guidance to ensure job success


To learn more about how to apply for these service or assistance with understanding any website materials please contact Gina LoPresti, Director Workforce Services at (216) 973-9046.