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Matrix Investigations & Consulting, Inc. is a full service investigations and consulting company specializing in video surveillance. Our licensed & insured investigative team utilizes established relationships with numerous resources in the investigative industry to obtain desired results. Investigations should not be conducted by just anyone-they must be performed by experienced and skilled investigators. Matrix investigators will provide you with the highest quality and confidential investigative services to help obtain an effective resolution to your investigative needs.

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Surveillance continues to be the most effective way to dispute an individual’s claim. Therefore, Matrix will provide you with the documented visual evidence you need to help refute the subject’s claims.

Surveillance should not be conducted by just anyone, and it’s imperative that a qualified investigator conducts it. Matrix uses highly trained, licensed investigators, along with cutting edge surveillance equipment to ensure a quality result for our clients.

Each surveillance case begins with an extensive preliminary investigation to properly identify and confirm information pertaining to the subject. Upon completion of the preliminary investigation, our investigative team will conduct surveillance, obtain video documentation of the subject’s activities and will provide you with an update.

Once the investigation is complete, the video documentation is provided to you on your choice of DVD or VHS. In addition to the video, you will be provided with a case summary containing details such as accurate date/time stamp and color photographs depicting the subject throughout the surveillance.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?

Surveillance Solutions for

Workers Comp Fraud

Insurance Fraud

Alive & Well Checks (PTD)

FMLA Abuse

Disability & Personal Injury

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?”

Workers’ Comp Abuse & Fraud…Caught on Tape.

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