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unemployment tax management. we know the territory.

A comprehensive unemployment cost control program does not stop with claims management. A complete program follows the claims and charges through to the tax rate verification process. No benefit charges on denied claims should wind up affecting your tax rate, nor should claims currently under appeal. We audit your charges and make sure that the charges impacting your tax rates are verified. We tell you what kinds of claims are driving your rate changes and analyze all factors culminating in your unemployment tax

Our unemployment tax management includes looking for tax saving opportunities at the back end of the process as well. We review the potential savings available through voluntary contributions and common or joint account rating. In states where these options exist, we make sure to evaluate, advise and walk you through the best avenue to overall unemployment tax savings.

If your company anticipates or is undergoing any corporate changes in the form of mergers, acquisitions, or dispositions of business, let our tax professionals propose the best options available to minimize the unemployment tax impact. Experience transfer options exist in some states, but the structure and timing of these changes can sometimes be used to your advantage.