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Self-Insured employers are those employers who have been granted the authority to administer their own workers’ compensation claims. Self-insured employers agree to abide by BWC and the Industrial Commission’s rules and regulations and to provide accurate and timely payments of compensation and benefits subject to the provisions of those rules.

Self-insured employers pay benefits directly to their injured employees and service providers and do not pay workers’ compensation premiums into the State Insurance Fund.

Self-insurance is considered a privilege and BWC monitors the activity of all self-insuring employers in Ohio to ensure that benefits are paid fairly, promptly and in accordance with Ohio law.

Matrix self- insured program is designed to “partner” with your company and can assist you with a more aggressive approach to workers’ compensation claims administration. This not only benefits your self insured company by minimizing lost time days and overall workers’ compensation costs, but injured employees also benefit by getting the care they deserve in a timely manner.