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Unemployment Administration

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The everchanging world of unemployment management can be difficult to navigate for employers. With short response windows, limited claim access, and unique state laws and regulations; Matrix provides a tailored unemployment solution to remove the administrative burden and reduce costs.

Matrix handles the unemployment claims process from start to finish. We receive our clients’ unemployment claims nationally via electronic SIDES interface to eliminate the manual work and streamline the process.


The Matrix Advantage

Centralized System

Our user-friendly claims system provides a real-time dashboard, data trending, and up to date tax savings for full program transparency. Robust reporting and red flag detection make fraud protection and accuracy auditing simple.

Single Point of Management

            Our single point of management model allows a true partnership approach with direct communication, accountability, and client customization. Each Account Executive manages claims from beginning to end including hearing preparation, appeals, and manager coaching.

Tax Management

            We review all annual tax rates for potential voluntary contribution, common rating and joint account analysis for savings opportunities and recommendations. All benefit charges impacting unemployment rates are validated and audited for misapplied charges and fraud to ensure accuracy.

Policy Review & Training

           We tailor training for your team around documentation ‘best practices’, the unemployment process, and response strategy. Continued coaching, consultation, and feedback allows us to drive program results. A full policy review is completed during onboarding to develop a strong foundation.

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