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Workforce Services

February 24, 2019  |  Education

Person Centered Philosophy Our Person-Centered Philosophy revolves around our belief that our participants should have highest level of decision making and involvement possible to pursue vocation programing,

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Upcoming Webinars and Events - Winter 2018

January 1, 2018  |  Education

Get the Facts—In 25 Minutes or Less: Why you should give a $h!t about Silica: The Basics Tuesday, January 9 at 9am OSHA Recordkeeping Update Thursday, February 15 at 10am Destination Excellence: Maximize Your

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Unemployment Tax-Common Rating

November 9, 2017  |  Education, Unemployment News

There is an unemployment tax savings program in Ohio that many employers don’t realize is available, and it is referred to as Common Rating.  The Ohio Common Rating Program is a tax savings program for Ohio

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BWC Addresses Coverage Gap For Ohio Employers Doing Business In Other States

July 23, 2017  |  Education, Workers' Comp Updates

Columbus, OH ( – A new coverage option approved today by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) Board of Directors will simplify workers’ comp for businesses with

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Are you ready for an Unemployment Tax Audit?

September 10, 2016  |  Education, Unemployment News

Your company has been selected by the state to have your unemployment tax audited.  You probably have tons of questions: Why me? What documentation do I need? What can I expect? There are many reasons the state

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HR Professionals… Do you know?

June 12, 2016  |  Education, Unemployment News

New State Unemployment Penalties The state unemployment agencies want to penalize and even fine your organization if you are not compliant to the new unemployment Section 252 Penalty Ruling now being enforced in Ohio,

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